Creating Better Food For Your Family

When was the last time you made food for your family that everyone talked about for weeks? It isn't always easy to design menus and prepare food that people will love, which is why a focus on healthy options can make a big difference. About a year ago, I started paying more and more attention to making different things that my friends and family would love, and it was really incredible to see the difference that my new cooking choices made. Now, I can honestly say that my kids love my cooking, and it has really brought us together as a family. Check out this blog for great information on creating better food for family.

Arrange For Corporate Catering For Your Next Executive Meeting

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Are you in charge of the food for an upcoming corporate event? If so, because of the current worldwide health epidemic, this will probably be the first time this type of meeting will take place since social restrictions were established. Obviously, attendees will be looking forward to seeing each other again. Read on for some ideas that might help you pick the perfect food for your upcoming event.

Start by contacting a company that specializes in corporate catering. The agent you speak with will have the experience to help you plan. He or she will want to know how many meals they will be serving and how many people will be attending the event. Of course, cost will be determined initially, too.

Start With A Continental-Style Breakfast - Some people who attend the meeting will have eaten breakfast already. However, others might be very grateful that you have planned for a continental-style breakfast to be served. Croissants, pastries, and other baked goods along with fresh fruit, individual yogurt cups, juice, and coffee will be perfect. 

Plan For A Filling Lunch Meal - By the time everybody breaks for lunch, they will probably be tired and super hungry. Keep this meal very simple as the break might not be that long. The caterers might suggest something as simple as pizza and a salad. Having salad as part of the lunch meal will be helpful for those who don't want a heavy meal. If you do go with pizza, order different flavors and include gluten-free pizzas for those who can't eat regular ones. The caterers will have a sign up indicating which of the pizzas are gluten-free.

Go With A More Formal Dinner Plan - Will spouses be included in the last meal of the day? Perhaps that will be the time when awards will be presented. Even if spouses are not attending the evening meal, think about making it a more formal event, even a seated dinner. A choice of chicken, salmon, or small steaks with sides like asparagus, baby potatoes, fresh green beans, and a green salad would be perfect. Assorted cheesecakes and gourmet cookies will be a perfect way to end the meal.

In addition to the actual meals that will be catered, consider also having a table with water bottles and fresh coffee available at all times. That will be good for anytime someone needs a small break. For more information or ideas about corporate catering, contact a professional. 


6 May 2020