3 Custom Cake Ideas That Are Ideal For Thanksgiving

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Just as important as the main Thanksgiving meal is the dessert you serve to family and guests. When you order cakes from a bakery, you can enjoy a dessert that really stands out. A custom cake allows you to enjoy delicious flavors and a fun design that fits within the Thanksgiving theme. Check out three custom cake options and ways to personalize the cakes to your own Thanksgiving celebration. 1. The Family Tree Cake

11 October 2021

3 Considerations When Hiring a Private Chef

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Food is a highly personal experience, with everyone having different taste buds and different preferences, along with dietary and health needs. Preparing food also takes a lot of time, which is why hiring a private chef to assist in food preparation or cooking can be a really nice perk. When it comes to hiring a private chef, you need to consider a few important things to consider to find the right fit.

28 June 2021