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3 Custom Cake Ideas That Are Ideal For Thanksgiving

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Just as important as the main Thanksgiving meal is the dessert you serve to family and guests. When you order cakes from a bakery, you can enjoy a dessert that really stands out. A custom cake allows you to enjoy delicious flavors and a fun design that fits within the Thanksgiving theme.

Check out three custom cake options and ways to personalize the cakes to your own Thanksgiving celebration.

1. The Family Tree Cake

For many people, Thanksgiving is about celebrating with family. Showcase your whole family with a tiered family tree cake from a custom bakery. The top of the cake could feature a tree decoration and the frosting would include a lot of green and added decorations like edible frosting leaves.

One of the main highlights is having family members' names written on the cake. The youngest members of the family are written on the bottom layer of the cake with each generation added to the layer above. The top of the cake should feature the oldest members of the family.

This cake is a great way to celebrate everyone attending the Thanksgiving celebration.

2. Fake Food Cake

Visit a custom bakery to plan out a fun novelty Thanksgiving cake. Choose a custom cake design that replicates a real Thanksgiving food. For example, a turkey cake could look like a real cooked turkey, but be a delicious cake on the inside. Consider other fake food designs like a bowl of mashed potatoes with gravy.

The sweet flavors and juxtaposition of the looks create fun designs and photo options for everyone. Use the cake to fool others and see if someone thinks the dessert is actually a real food.

3. Thanksgiving Traditions Cake

Every family has different traditions around Thanksgiving. Represent your own family's traditions through a custom cake theme and design. For example, if your family enjoys watching the traditional Thanksgiving football games, then order a custom football cake. The cake could feature a football shape, your family's favorite team, or a football field design.

If you enjoy shopping on Thanksgiving, represent the theme with fun symbols and designs like fake money, shopping carts, and store logos. If you travel annually for Thanksgiving, then consider a cake in the shape of a state or another iconic location.

Surprise family members with a custom cake design or ask around to see what type of design everyone would enjoy. Each year, you can come up with a new cake design and create a new annual tradition. Contact a bakery like Charpiers Bakery to learn more.


11 October 2021