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Treating Your Bulk Colombian Coffee Beans With Respect

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Colombian coffee is widely known for being some of the best coffee in the world. It's all Arabica coffee — the smoothest, tastiest variety. Thanks to the climate in Colombia, this coffee is also known for being mellow, medium-bodied, and nuanced. So, if you happen to buy or receive a big, 2-pound bag of whole bean Colombian coffee beans, you will want to treat those beans with respect. Here's how to do that.

Transfer them into a proper storage container.

The bag that the coffee beans come in is good enough to keep them fresh, but only until you open the bag. Once you do open the bag and brew some coffee for the first time, you want to transfer the beans to a better storage container. Preferably, this should be glass or metal. If you use a plastic container, it will take on the odor of the coffee beans, and then you'll never want to use it for something other than storing coffee. The container you use should also latch or lock tightly. You don't want it to let air in, as that will make the coffee go stale sooner than it should. This is really important when you're storing larger quantities of coffee.

Use a bur grinder.

When you brew your Colombian coffee beans, you want to bring out the best of their flavors. In order to do that, you want to use a type of coffee grinder called a bur grinder. A bur grinder will ensure the coffee is ground evenly. With every piece of bean being the same size, your coffee will come out smoother and more consistent. You're also less likely to get little bits of coffee debris in your cup, which many people don't like.

Brew with near-boiling water.

Colombian coffee tends to have a lot of lighter, aromatic notes. But if you brew the coffee with water that is too hot, some of these flavors will dissipate before you even start sipping. In order to better respect your coffee, heat your water to a boil, and then let it sit and cool off for approximately a minute before you use it to brew. This slightly cooler brewing approach helps preserve the full body of flavor in your Colombian coffee.

The entire two pounds of Colombian coffee beans you have deserve your respect. With the tips above, you can both respect them and enjoy them to the fullest.


25 February 2022